Starting Probiotics? Watch Out for These Side Effects

Constipation and bloating, oh my!

6 Prebiotics to Support Your Gut Health

Improve your gut health with prebiotics like garlic, artichokes, and more.

How to Build a Balanced Protein Shake

Up your protein shake game with these five RD-approved tips.

Is Coconut Water or Watermelon Juice Better for Recovery?

What you choose to drink post-work can have an effect on how well you recover.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Food and Nutrition

How you frame food and eating habits can have a direct impact on your children.

What the Heck Is Spirulina — and Should You Try It?

This blue-green algae is everywhere these days.

5 Snacks That Are More Satisfying Than You Might Think

The day is just way better with snacks. (Am I right, or am I right?) Snacks are a low-lift way to bridge the gap between meals. They can give you […]

Beetroot Juice Might Be Your New Nutritional Secret Weapon – Here’s Why

Beetlejuice? Try beetroot juice. Here’s why we’re loving it.


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