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The Ambassador program started and has grown in Chicago, but there are Ambassadors all over the country (and world), especially in areas like LA, NYC, Columbus, Denver and Dallas; they host events as well. Whether you live in Chicago – aSweatLife’s home city – or anywhere else in the U.S., we’d love to have you join the 2023 Ambassador program!

Tell me how I can be involved in my city!

Studio of the Month

You will have access to a rotating monthly studio. These are workouts that only the gym’s members have access to regularly, but as Ambassadors, you’ll be able to try something new or revisit a favorite studio as a VIP drop-in.

From an Ambassador: “I was able to meet Jeana in person at a Basecamp Workout here in Madison a couple of weeks ago! We worked out and then enjoyed an awesome brunch after. I really appreciated her taking the time to come up here and spend some time here.” – Caroline Sullivan, Madison, WI

From an Ambassador: “I met Ashley through aSweatLife & Fitness Ambassadors. We’ve had the chance to take classes together and catch up on our love for fitness!” – Carolina Robles, Dallas, TX

Ambassador Leads

Ambassador-led programs and events are popping up across the country with the help of Ambassador leads. We know there in person connection is so important and we have relayed behind Ambassadors to create programming where you are at.

From an Ambassador: “Love meeting people when I visit Chicago to attend events IRL, but the closest friends I’ve made are through the small groups (New Yorkers!)” – Elsa Geraci, Rochester, NY

Virtual workshops

We create workshops for your health and happiness with experts that are meant to enrich your life outside the gym. Every month, we bring the Ambassadors together – digitally – to learn something new. In the past, we’ve hosted workshops like working on your public speaking, building your own strength routine at home, what it means to be sober-curious, and cooking classes.

From an Ambassador: “My favorite memories with aSweatLife have been around the virtual #sweatworking week. It’s what introduced me to aSweatlife and it’s what made me want to be part of the ambassador program. I love the crazy, fun swag box that comes to my house and all the exciting classes” – Nicole Coover, Camas, WA

Online Connection

We know how much we love bringing Ambassadors together to cheer each other on in their fitness activities – and any other big goal they’re going after. Over the past couple of years we have built platforms of digital content, tools and resources to support you along your journey no matter where you live.

Gain access to the Ambassador Facebook group, Slack channels and digital hub – which connect you to a network of more than 1,000 Ambassadors across the country.

From an Ambassador: “A friend I made through aSweatLife is Jennifer – we connected through work referral and she’s an absolute GEM of a human. We’ve stayed in contact via slack and I just really can’t wait to meet in person someday.” – Genavie Oliveri, Euclid, OH

From an Ambassador: “I also met some ASL friends through Instagram. Malaiya reached out to me when she saw me in a post talking about my Thai identity. She’s also Thai, but lived in a different state. We met for the first time in person a year later and I felt like we were sisters in a way! I just found out that she’s in Chicago for a few months and accidentally found out that she’s living in the same building as me! What a great coincidence.” – Anchisa Pipatpinyopong, Chicago, IL

Ready to apply?

We’d love your help in growing the community of aSweatLife Ambassadors in your city to extend the IRL community we know and love so much further than ever before. Ready to apply? You can do so below, or share this link with your friends in your city that you want to tackle big goals with.

The application for the next class of Ambassadors is open now, and you’ll have until Friday, September 30 at 11:59 pm to apply. 

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About Kelly Matkovich

Kelly fell in love with the aSweatLife family when she became an ambassador in 2016. Through goal-setting and the exposure to trying new things, she made some pretty big career goals for herself. In 2017, she quit her full time job as a Director of Meetings and events for a Women’s Cancer Association to pursue the crazy world of entrepreneurship/contract work/working multiple jobs and a career in fitness. During this time, she got her NASM personal training certificate and became a group fitness instructor while also earning certifications in yoga sculpt and health coaching. She traveled around the world executing large conferences and started a wellness events company within the hospitality industry. Through this very exciting but very bumpy new career path, she always had aSweatLife ambassadors there to support her along the way. Now, as the Senior Director of Communities, her focus is to grow with this amazing group of ambassadors and inspire them to reach their BHAGS through uniquely crafted experiences, events and community.