How to Truly Unplug While on Vacation

Bye, bye, phone!

What Keeping the Sabbath Can Teach Us About Rest

Taking one day out of the week to rest is a way to reclaim your time.

How to Practice Mindfulness in Nature

It’s time to take in the beauty around you.

3 Ways to Find Mindfulness When Returning to the Office

Working from home has many benefits, including eliminating a daily commute, greater flexibility, and better work-life balance. But two years after many companies went fully remote at the start of […]

How to Use Fitness Time as Deep Thinking Time

Could your fitness routine be a meditation routine in disguise? We investigate.

The Superhuman App Will Change Everything You Believed About Meditation

A conversation with its creator, Mimi Bouchard.

Does Breathwork Actually Work? A Look At This Wellness Trend

Plus, what makes breathwork different from meditation.

This Simple Game Will Help You Have Hard Conversations—With Empathy

“Our core audience told us the Human Rights Edition was what was needed,” says the team.


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