This is the guide for your friend who is always on the lookout for on-trend and interesting eats. Be the person who stocks their kitchen cupboards, backpack, or the center console of their car. 

Waterdrop LUCY® Smart Cap - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Waterdrop LUCY® Smart Cap

For the person on your list whose top goal year after year has been, “drink more water,” this smart cap purifies your water, tracks your consumption, and reminds you to hydrate.

Brumate Toddy Mug - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Brumate Toddy Mug

You know the person who can’t wear white because they’ll spill coffee on themselves? This leak proof, cupholder-friendly mug available in 25 incredible colors and designs is for them. And it keeps beverages hot for 4 hours.

Red Belly Honey - RBEL BEE Gummies - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Red Belly Honey - RBEL BEE Gummies

These functional gummies are the perfect way to get the friend who has wanted to add CBD into their daily routine to try it. These gummies were a long time coming from this CBD honey company and it shows through their taste and potency.

Occo x Renewal Mill Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownie Mix - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Occo x Renewal Mill Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownie Mix

The perfect gift for the loved one with a sweet tooth (who among us?), this upscale brownie mix is made with delicious AND climate-friendly ingredients.

Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over: Lavender - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over: Lavender

This fancy morning brew will tell someone you love with the hug of caffeine. Made with real, whole lavender, this well-balanced, subtly floral flavor will give your morning a sense of calm.

Cultures For Health Kombucha starter kit - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Cultures For Health Kombucha starter kit

For your friend who loves to DIY, this gut-friendly kombucha kit comes with everything your burgeoning brew-master needs to be successful.

Hive Brands Gift Card - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Hive Brands Gift Card

A gift card for Hive Brands buys your buddy access to planet-friendly products. This is the perfect gift for anyone trying to leave the earth a better place than they found it.

Opopop Holiday Discovery Kit - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Opopop Holiday Discovery Kit

It’s no secret that we play favorites when it comes to popcorn. And Opopop is our BFF. There’s something very special about these flavor-wrapped kernals and the reusable BPA-Free popper.

Bardega Cocktail Kit  - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Bardega Cocktail Kit

We all have that one friend with a fully-stocked bar cart. Bardega’s cocktail kits and virtual memberships are the perfect gift for any aspiring home bar hero.

Oryx Salt and Pepper grinders - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Oryx Salt and Pepper grinders

It’s not like regular salt, it’s a cool salt. It comes from one of the only places on the planet where your salt won’t be touched by the microplastics in the oceans and it’s packed with trace minerals that many salts are missing. See what we mean?

N!CK'S holiday flavors bundle - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

N!CK'S holiday flavors bundle

When it comes to ice cream, we prefer the better-for-you, ultra creamy pints from N!CK’S. And all year, we look forward to the seasonal and limit-time-only holiday flavors. Name better way to show someone you love them than shipping ice cream to their door.

Mom Water Carol - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Mom Water Carol

This fruit-infused vodka water was made out of a mom’s desire to have a healthier cocktail that also hydrated her by the pool. A little spa water and a little vodka later, et voila, you get Mom Water in flavors that include Karen, Susan, Linda, Carol, Sandy, Julie and Nancy. Ship a case of the holiday flavor (Carol) to your favorite mom.

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