This guide is everything for beauty and things you’ll want to wear. There’s so much to try in this guide for hair, skin, nails and more.

Everist - Shower Essentials Bundle - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Everist - Shower Essentials Bundle

This shower concentrates kit will last your giftee three months. This eco-friendly kit includes ultra-clean shampoo, conditioner, and body wash concentrates plus a compostable konjac sponge.

Chillhouse - Chill tips - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Chillhouse - Chill tips

For the nail-design loving friend who is always changing it up. These press-on nails fit every time and are mess free. You’ll be party-perfect in just a minute.

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks

We love this gift for the person who loves to treat themselves, but doesn’t want to create excess waste. The forever eye masks can be used with your favorite serums and gels to help soak product into your under-eye skin. And with regular use, they’ll last for a year.

LapCos Sheet Masks - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

LapCos Sheet Masks

This variety pack of sheet masks is the perfect purchase if you have a lot of little gifts to give out to co-workers or your book club. Buy this pack of 7 masks and deliver endless joy.

 Nike Air Force 1 Low-Tops - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Nike Air Force 1 Low-Tops

Low-top Nike Air Force 1 shoes are the perfect gift for the streetwear fanatic. They are now and will continue to be the perfect casual shoe.

Face Gym - Brightening Active Roller - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Face Gym - Brightening Active Roller

For the pereson who doesn’t have time for a facial, but, you’ve definitely heard them bring it up. This little roller diminishes the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and encourages the perfect environment for collagen and elastin.

Pleasing Polish - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Pleasing Polish

This nail polish line from Harry Styles is for everyone. And we can really get behind that. Get this set of four beautiful polish colors for anyone in your life – regardless of gender – who just really wants a painted nail or two or ten.

Le Labo Oud 27 - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Le Labo Oud 27

This fragrance is unisex and we love it that way. It has the signature of a Le Lebo fragrance – it’s familiar and also sort of new. Get this for the person who has ever wanted to smell like a luxury hotel (isn’t that everyone?). We love Oud 27, but you can pick your favorite.

Osea Gua Sha Glow Duo - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Osea Gua Sha Glow Duo

This little ritual can make your nightstand feel like a tiny spa oasis. Facial gua sha is perfect to massage skin, melt away tension, and instantly boost glow. Maybe send a YouTube tutorial to your friend along with this gift, because when done correctly, it can also reduce sinus pressure and facial puffiness.

Hey Hanni Starter Kit - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Hey Hanni Starter Kit

Hear us out – normally, we wouldn’t say a razor is THE gift of the season, but this is no ordinary razor. The hanni weighted razor’s single-blade design exfoliates away dead skin and removes hair in the most gentle way possible meaning less irritation and smoother, softer skin than you’ve ever had before.

Boody Basics Socks - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Boody Basics Socks

Made from bamboo (we’re really loving bamboo this year), these socks are meant to be cozy for a night in. Featuring a loose leg opening and two-tone colour weave, our Chunky Bed Socks – 2.0 will fall softly on your foot and sit comfortably mid-calf.

Bio Republic Lip Masks - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Bio Republic Lip Masks

These lip masks are perfectly shaped for contouring to any lips AND they have a little slit for breathing in the case that your giftee is an eensy bit claustrophobic and wants to pamper themselves.

Emi Jay - Sun Sign Claw Clip  - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Emi Jay - Sun Sign Claw Clip

You know exactly who to gift this to. It’s the person who is oh-so on-trend with their curtain bangs and they’re always asking people, “what are your big three?”

Covey Skin Level Up Routine - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Covey Skin Level Up Routine

This quartet of products is the skin care routine that your friend with 18 unopened serums, lotions and potions has been looking for. This routine was created to help you cleanse, brighten, hydrate & prevent!

Moon Juice G-Pack - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Moon Juice G-Pack

This powder fits into your skincare routine and combines Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Ferulic Acid to help promote skin’s natural collagen and elasticity, minimize the appearance of fine lines, visibly brighten dark spots and melasma, and fortify against damage from environmental toxins and oxidative stress.

InkBox Temporary Astrology Tattoo - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

InkBox Temporary Astrology Tattoo

We love any of the art in the astrology series, but these temporary tattoos are a great way to try on some ink. These will fade in around 10 days.

Shark Ninja Flex Styler  - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Shark Ninja Flex Styler

This is Shark’s version of the hair styler you may have seen fly off the shelves after it was popularized on Love Island. The theory is that with a little less heat and a lot more air, you can give the gift of always-styled hair without all of the damage.

Nood IPL Handset - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Nood IPL Handset

For the person you know who hates shaving and waxing, but still wants to get rid of their hair, the Nood Flasher is an at-home tool that’s FDA-cleared to say bye bye to hair for good. It’s only for people who have a high contrast between their hair and skin, not that this pale, blonde author is mad about that.

Mason Grey Kimono Robe - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Mason Grey Kimono Robe

This long silky robe will make you feel like the stars draped on your body. This is the perfect gift for someone who would or could use the phrase “dressing gown.”

Boie - The Best Bundle - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Boie - The Best Bundle

This bundle will be as great for the planet as it is for the skin and teeth of the person who gets this gift from you. This bundle comes with an easy to use and clean toothbrush, face scrubber and body scrubber.

BLUEVIEW Pacific Loafers - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

BLUEVIEW Pacific Loafers

These loafers are as comfortable and durable as any other shoes you’d put in the casual wear category. One big difference: these are made of algae and are fully biodegradable and compostable.

Footnanny Olive Oil Footnanny Experience Box - aSweatLife Gift Guide 2022

Footnanny Olive Oil Footnanny Experience Box

Consider this the essential gift for anyone who is on their feet all day. This kit includes everything to heal, soothe and care for aching feet and is enhanced with Olea Olive Oil and Basil to moisturize, cleanse your skin, reduce anxiety and reduce inflammation.

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