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How to Become an All-Weather Runner This Winter

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Why the Garmin VENU2 Series Is the Smartwatch With the Custom Features You Need

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Peloton’s Adaptive Training Program Makes Fitness More Accessible

They’re offering a seated adaptive strength program and fitness program for caregivers.

How to Choose the Right Reformer Fitness Class for You

“That you need to be ‘in shape’ to do reformer Pilates is not true.” At least according to James Shaw, head of Pilates at Equinox St James and former reformer […]

How Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage Changed My Fitness Routine

“Instead of giving up, I remind myself that my body is literally capable of creating life.”

Tell Us What You Do To Stay Active in Our State of Fitness 2022

Tell us how you spend your time and money in the wellness space. We want to hear opinions and what you’ve done this year.


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