11/20: #Hikeworking Adventure with Arc’teryx

Take a step outside into the cool crisp air for a day of adventure presented by Arc’teryx to the Warren Dunes State Park.

Join Us for the Take a Mental Health Day Event—Even if You Have to Work

A schedule that fits in your workday, a cameras-off rule and walking during sessions encouraged, this Mental Health Day will leave you refreshed.

Here’s A List of Absolutely EVERYTHING That’s In Your Mental Health Day Box

These goody boxes are NOT to be missed.

Join Us Thursday, May 20, and Take A Mental Health Day for Yourself

Here’s what to expect from our first-ever mental health day event.

April 22: Join us, NICK’S & ESTEELO for a changing of the seasons on Earth Day!

Get ready to feel refreshed after a closet clean up with Bree from ESTEELO and reward yourself with N!CK’S Sweets for a job well done!

Our Biggest Women’s Health Questions Answered with Pandia Health, Stix, and Dr. Roohi Jeelani from Vios Fertility

On International Women’s Day, we set out to unearth the mysteries of women’s health with a panel of experts.

March 30: Join us and Learn to Use Rituals to Make Life More Meaningful

We’ve been reading “The Power of Rituals” as a team and March 30, we’ll share what we’ve learned.

March 8 at 6 PM: Join Us for a Panel on Women’s Health for All Lifestyles and Stages

Join aSweatLife, Pandia Health, Stix & Vios Fertility for a talk about women’s health – from periods, to fertility, to menopause.


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