6 Benefits of Online Personal Training

When the pandemic began and gyms shut down, we knew how important it was to help our clients continue their training. Without the ability to meet in person and without any fancy gym equipment, trainers had to adapt. We saw a boom in online training, at-home workouts, body-weight workouts, and creative workout equipment.

Gyms are open now, fitness equipment is back in stock, and our clients are no longer using jugs of detergent or wine bottles as weights — but one fitness trend has stuck. Online training began as a pandemic fad but has become the preferred training method for many.

Check out this article as we walk you through the benefits of online personal training.

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What is online personal training?

Online personal training is like having your personal trainer in your pocket at all times. Just like in-person training, you get a personalized program built for your goals, detailed instruction for each exercise, feedback on your form, and encouragement from your coach on when to push yourself to lift heavier.

The difference is that online training is all conducted virtually, so you get to work out on your own time, you can bring your workouts anywhere (train at home, in the gym, or even when traveling!) — and if you or your trainer moves, you still get to work with them!

Benefits of online personal training

1. More effective than training on your own

No one wants to hear that they’re wasting their time. Having a personalized program tailored to your goals and a trainer in your pocket means no time in the gym is wasted.

Working with a trainer is more effective than working out on your own because programming, form, and weight selection are everything. Doing random exercises will burn calories but won’t elicit any specific adaptations in your body.

If you have goals, you should be on a program that’s built specifically for those goals. Performing a move incorrectly can risk injury and might not target the muscles you’re intending. Using too light of weight can inhibit your progress, holding you back from your goals.

Our trainers build you a program to reach your goals, give you instructions and cues to perform the move correctly, and push you to lift heavier and work harder so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of each workout.

2. Train more, pay less

Personal training rates vary city by city — but for top-tier trainers, you can expect to pay $50-$150 per session. That means a month of training three times per week will run you $600-$1,800 a month.

Our online training programs range from $45-$299 per month — and we charge per month, not per workout so you’ll pay the same amount if you train three days a week or six days a week. This means that you can train more often than in-person training and still pay less.

3. Accountability

The number one way to be successful in your goals is to be consistent. It’s much easier to stick to a commitment you’ve made to yourself if you know someone else is checking in on you.

Online training coaches are here to help you stay on track and honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself.

4. Takes the guesswork out of exercising

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about fitness. Is arching your back bad? Is it safe to let your knees go past your toes?

With online custom training programming, you get access to clear communication with a certified personal trainer, where you can ask questions, get help, and learn skills.

5. Customizable based on your equipment/goals/needs

A custom program is built specifically for the individual. This includes your exercise history, fitness level, short-term and long-term goals, what equipment you have available to you, number of training days, length of workout, your likes and dislikes, your personal preferences, and your training location.

Our bodies adapt specifically to the demand placed on them. This means your body isn’t going to build muscle unless you specifically train that muscle in a way that encourages adaptation.

Want to build a booty? You need to be following a training program that’s built to cause your glutes to adapt, get stronger, and grow bigger. 

6. We’re with you wherever, whenever

The great thing about personalized coaching is that it’s totally personalized to you and your life. Are you traveling for a week and only have access to a hotel gym or some bands? No problem! Your program can be adapted to reflect this.

Has your schedule changed and you’re busier with work? You don’t have to worry about canceling a training session because you can work out on your own time. You also have the flexibility to do your workouts at home or at a gym. More flexibility means you can continue training even when life happens.

How does online training work?

Of all the online training options, virtual personal training is the most similar to in-person training.

You meet with your trainer in real-time with sessions conducted via Zoom or Facetime and your trainer leads you through a personalized workout, giving you encouragement, cues, and form feedback to help you get the most out of your training.

You can train in your gym, apartment gym, at home, or even when traveling. 

How does non-custom online training work?

Of the online training options, non-custom training is the most independent form of training. Your trainer writes a program that’s delivered to your phone and you can take it anywhere and train on your own time. You get instruction for each exercise and a prescribed rep range, but choosing your weights and making sure your form is correct is on you.

This style of training is great for those who are experienced, confident in their form, and know how to choose challenging weights. This is also the least expensive form of training as the workouts aren’t tailored to each individual.

How does custom online training work?

Custom training is the goldilocks of online training. It’s personalized like virtual personal training but more flexible and less expensive. With custom online programming, a trainer writes you a personalized program based on your goals, equipment, and personal preferences and you train on your own time.

If you’d like help with form correction or weight selection, you can take a video of yourself and send it to your coach who can give you feedback and form corrections so you can improve week over week.

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